Spacecoach Economic Model

While researching this concept for the upcoming Springer book, we developed a parametric model that predicts approximate per mission costs as a function of several major parameters. We then graph projected costs for a variety of sample missions, including high delta-v missions such as Ceres, and plot overall mission costs as a function of specific impulse (one of the primary cost drivers in the model).

What the models show is that even ambitious missions to the Asteroid Belt will be feasible and affordble (less expensive than a Shuttle mission), and can be done entirely using water launched from the Earth using existing launch systems (no in situ resource utilization required).

Adjust The Model Parameters

Hull Dry Mass (kg):

Cost To Launch Equipment To LEO ($/kg):

Cost To Launch Water To LEO ($/kg):

Water Delivered To LEO Per Falcon 9 Heavy Launch (kg):

Ship Fabrication Cost (Launch Cost Calculated Automatically):

Cost To Launch Crew, Last Minute Equipment & Perishables Direct To EML-2:

Missions Per Ship Lifetime: